Toilet Training


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In this dog behaviour video, Colin helps you to understand why puppies and adult dogs become unclean in your home without the right guidance. This is usually connected with the way they were raised in the litter and subsequently trained in the first weeks of living in a house – he compares this with the wolf – your dog’s cousin. He then goes on to explain how to re-train your dog, and use its own natural instincts to poo and pee in the right place.

In addition he also addresses the same problems with older pups and adult dogs where you have difficulty with house toilet training. An excellent dog training video for the new puppy in your home.


  • Introduction to the problem
  • The wolf and it’s toilet habits
  • Paper training the right way
  • Paper training in conjunction with indoor cages
  • How you help in training your pup
  • Indoor pen training
  • Indoor cage training
  • Diet, is that a contributing factor?
  • Outside pens
  • Diet feeding times
  • Good tips

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Resolution: 720 x 540
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
File Size: 309 MB
Duration: 59 mins

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