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There is a general consensus in the dog behaviour community that `learning to learn’ is an important educational goal. Despite this consensus, it is not always clear how `learning to learn’ is to be implemented. My take is simplistic, link a desired behaviour (action) to a positive outcome for the dog. The dog can only make choices on what to or not to do depending on what conditions of learning you present and the environment the learning takes place.

In this video I deal with focusing your dog on you. If a dog has a motivation to listen to you that is is greater than its motivation to do what it wishes to do at that moment in time – you are in a win win situation to begin reforming your dogs behaviour into a trained, focused and listening dog.

Smart Dog Psychology complemented by social dog training ideas is the basis of what I impart in this video.


  • Linking Good Behaviour
  • Unlinking Bad Behaviour
  • Indoor Social Dog Training
  • Dog Training Tips
  • Stop Dogs Jumping Up
  • Stimulating Your Dogs Mind
  • Dog Training Motivation Options
  • Bonding With Your Dog
  • New Rules Living In Harmony
  • Learning The Term Good Dog
  • Learning The Word No
  • Building You As The Motivator and Leader
  • Nuisance Behaviours Explained and Extinguished
  • Obedience Training Exampled Adult Dogs
  • First Puppy Training Learning Tips
  • Understanding Instrumental Operant Conditioning

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