Mini Encyclopedia of Dog Training and Behaviour (Book)


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Few people would deny that a badly behaved dog is a complete pest. The key to training a dog to respond obediently to commands is to use an understanding of canine psychology to reward the behaviour you want to encourage. It may sound complicated, but this 208 page Mini Encyclopedia  provides instant instruction that makes everything clear.

Annotated photographic sequences combine with expert text to teach the essential obedience lessons that will ensure that your dog is a pet to be proud off.

Chapter 1 – What Is Training The challenges awaiting you – Do we need to train dogs – Training equipment.

Chapter 2 РTraining Equipment Introducing the face collar РTraining discs.

Chapter 3 – The Leadership Programme The house plan – No free rewards – Duration of the programme.

Chapter 4 – Puppy Training Introduction of the lead and collar – Teaching stay positions.

Chapter 5 – Communication Hand signals.

Chapter 6 – Excessive Attention Seeking

Chapter 7 – Jumping Up

Chapter 8 – Play Biting

Chapter 9 – Stealing Food

Chapter 10 – Separation Anxiety

Chapter 11 – Excessive Barking

Chapter 12 – Destructive Behaviour

Chapter 13 – Aggression – Dealing with an emergency

Chapter 14 – The Training Programme Advice before you start.

Chapter 15 – Heelwork Beginning heel training – The lead check – The left turn – The left about turn – The right turn – The right about turn – House training plan – Heelwork with dogs – Street heelwork – Heeling a dog to a car – At the park and letting the dog out – Shopping dogs pulling – How to introduce a face collar – Body harnesses and high check collars – Heel training for puppies – Puppy training on and off the lead.

Chapter 16 – Stay Positions Teaching the sit positions – Sit using toys – Ignore and sit – Sit using a hook – Sit: forward and back – Sit: lead and collar style – Sit/stay introducing hand signals – Stay and circle on the lead – Sit/stay time and distance training – The stand position – Stand using collar and lead – Stand and touch tickle – Stand using a hook – The down position – Down using a toy – Down using a collar and lead – Down using a hook – Location dog training – Training in action: the walk to the park – The sit/stay signal and time – Stay positions time and distance training – How long to maintain stay positions – Distractions: the acid test.

Chapter 17 – The Recall Training from an early age – The dog’s natural drives – Recall using toys – Using a second toy – Lead and collar recall – Recall combining sound and food – Practising the sound and food recall – Long line recall – Using a snap check – Long line training in the park – When to get rid of the line – Whistle recall – Hide and seek recall – Spray collar recall – Tips to improve your recall – What to do if your dog chases people and animals – Stopping dogs from eating animal faeces.

Chapter 18 – Keeping It Going

Chapter 19 – Troubleshooting

Chapter 20 – Index

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