Intelligent Dog Training


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This dog training video is simple to follow for all pet dog owners who wish to train their dog. Presented by Ross and his co-trainer Judy Cooper. They impart Intelligent Dog Training, timing and command structure in their training style. See the transformation of ‘Smudge’ a rescued Labrador who is untrained and has a number of behavioural problems which are addressed in the training programmes step by step. Within a month Smudge is fully trained ready for his new life with his new owners.

  • Meeting Smudge a Labrador
  • Dogs’ psychology and training
  • Location behaviour assessments
  • Lead and equipment, motivation
  • Dog training regime
  • The sit and stay
  • The stand and stay
  • Heelwork, food, whistle and toy
  • Long line – a safety check
  • Recall food motivated – recall long line
  • Practice training in real situations
  • Advancing the training
  • The down sit stand stay at distance off lead
  • Recall off lead with distractions
  • House dog training tips
  • Final town training tests
  • Meeting the new owners
  • Practical training psychology advice
  • It takes time to transfer training

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Resolution: 720 x 406
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
File Size: 613 MB
Duration: 1 hr 38 mins

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