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This higher education video is the first in Britain to explain a serious criminal case under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. The client and his dog receive several consultations in chronological order as the case progresses. The dog is assessed at different rehabilitation stages and these behaviour tests for canine aggression are live and in real time. Continuity reform training takes place with the dog whilst the handler learns new techniques to make his dog safe.

The video is the film part of the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour course Dog Law courses and towards the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council Diploma.

We do not recommend any person emulate in anyway the live canine tests that Colin and his associates execute in this video unless they are fully qualified.


  • Aggression to people assessments
  • Aggression to people practical tests for court assessment
  • Expert witness information gathering
  • Post and pre-court reform training with a dog and handler
  • Certain dog law explained

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