Dog Breed Shows – A Psychological Insight


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David Cavil is an International Championship Show Judge. In this film, Ross McCarthy speaks with David about his career spanning over 50 years in world of breed showing. As a Canine Behaviourist, Ross is interested in the library of breed specific dog behaviours that David observes in the breed ring and to compare the behavioural traits that bring those dogs to the behaviourists practice. David gives a great insight about how the show dog world works and how good breeders select their dogs and how judges work to the breed standard. This is a fascinating conversation from two different canine disciplines and explains why pedigree dogs behave the way they do and through the conduit of selective breeding.


  • A lifetime with Dogs – An Introduction to David Cavill
  • How the Pedigree Dog Show works
  • Breed opinion and interpretation
  • Breed behaviour types and changes
  • Breed care and responsibilities
  • How to chooses a breeder
  • How to choose a pedigree dog breed
  • How to avoid poor or bad breeding
  • Pedigree dogs in Rescue Homes
  • Dog Behaviour problems relating to breed types

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Published: 2019

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