Dog Aggression To People


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In this dog behaviour video by Colin Tennant MA – Britain’s leading Trainer Behaviourist, you will see people and their dogs depicted in real life situations and Colin’s advice to them. If you suffer from your dog’s behaviour in any of the categories listed below, his advice could help you to solve your pet’s problems for a happier life together. The video is used in the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training – dog behaviour courses. The video has a dog training section of tips to assist the dog owner or student of dog behaviour and who needs rapid assistance as well as canine behaviour course advice.


  • Introduction to the problem
  • Dominant or Fear Aggression
  • Problems with a Cocker Spaniel aggression especially to visitors and over food and grooming
  • Dalmatian case, jumps up at people and growls
  • Problem with their German Shepherd Dog and aggression
  • Fear & Aggression what’s the difference
  • How to reduce aggression with the Intelligent Leadership Programme ILP
  • Food effects behaviour
  • The hook restriction for aggressive dogs
  • Using Mikki Discs
  • ILP Intelligent leadership programme used on ten thousand dogs successfully
  • Door manners with strong minded dogs /safety too
  • General aggression about: chairs, furniture, dog beds, being touched or handled
  • Dog Training Tips

We want you to enjoy learning about your dog from this Dog Behaviour video

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