Discovering the Rottweiler


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A full-length film for people considering owning a Rottweiler as a companion – the truth about the breed, the essential health tests, what to expect from your dog and what they expect from you. Showing, working, training and living with this amazing, but specialist breed.

Presented by Chris and Norma Window of the successful, award-winning UK Rottweiler Kennel, ‘Hanbar’ and featuring training and behaviour experts along with the experiences of a new owner.

Should a Rottweiler be a big teddy bear? Why the reputation that they have gained? What was life like in the 1980’s and how did they escape the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991? What are the Pro’s and Con’s of the Rottweiler? Leaving no stone unturned when investigating whether this may or may not be the right type of dog for you.

Chapters:  hr.m.s
0.0.00 Introduction – Chris & Norma Window – Hanbar Rottweilers
0.8.20 The Origins of The Rottweiler
0.13.25 1980’s in the breed
0.30.26 Different breed Lines
0.37.02 Temperament – The True Character of the Rottweiler
0.46.37 Rottweiler owners – Who should and who should not own one
0.48.38 Puppies – Where to start looking
0.50.42 Essential Health Testing
1.08.53 How to choose a breeder
1.11.29 Breeder help for new owners
1.21.05 Julie Aspinall – Working Rottweilers
1.27.05 Ross McCarthy – Canine Behaviour Consultant
1.38.33 Nina Jones – A new owners experience
1.50.36 End Credits

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Published: 2021

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