Canine Separation Anxiety


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In this dog behaviour video, by Colin Tennant Britain’s leading Trainer and Behaviourist, you will see Abbey, Steve and their dog Cassie depicted in a real life situation and Colin’s advice to them. Abbey and Steve have moved home and their dog Cassie always had company in their first house, but now they’ve moved and circumstances have changed. Cassie does not like being left alone and suffers from being separated by company. If you suffer from your dog’s bad behaviour when left alone Colin’s advice on this dog behaviour video could help you to solve your pet’s problems.


  • Introduction to the problem
  • How is it learnt?
  • Common anxiety signs
  • Abbey, Steve and Cassie (Mongrel)
  • New house rules
  • The Ignore training programme
  • Fussy eaters
  • Food Kong training programme
  • Being boring
  • Dogs can be very persistent
  • Quick tips and final result

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Aspect Ratio: 4:3
File Size: 389 MB
Duration: 59 mins

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