21 Days To Train Your Dog (Book)


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In this 160 page book Colin explains with the aid of step by step pictures how to train you dog in 21 days. The book covers heelwork, the sit, stand, down and stay positions, and recall. Understand what’s going on in your dog’s mind as you are training. There’s a specific programme for training puppies and advice on the best training aids to use. There is a 3 week training programme for you to follow with an exercise summary. The chapter contents are listed below.

Chapter 1 – Introduction Dog beside man – A marriage made in heaven – Training styles – Why are some dogs difficult to train? – The dog and its innate drives – Some common training problems – Come here – The pulling battle – Jumping Jack and attention seekers.

Chapter 2 – What is dog training? The behavioural aspect of training – The well mannered dog – The challenges awaiting you – Training techniques – What is a trained dog? – Do we need to train dogs? – Dogs and children.

Chapter 3 – The leadership programme The wolf in your house – How does this effect training? – The house plan – The bedroom – The lounge – Easy chairs – Move out of my way – Doorways and gates – Feeding your dog – Titbits, treats and food – Toys and balls – Petting and stroking – The ignore – Dog training and the leadership programme – Duration of the programme – The hook restriction programme for the demanding dog.

Chapter 4 – Puppy obedience training One or two puppies? – Personality – The pup’s mind – Puppy training plan – Introduction of the lead and collar – Sit and down stays.

Chapter 5 – Training equipment Dog body harnesses – Dog walking harnesses to prevent pulling – Flexible lead training – Long lines – Face collars – Introducing the face collar – Chain collars (check chains) – The remote training collar – Food, toy and other playthings – Deterrent sprays – Dog beds – Training discs – Whistles – Food Rewards – A good diet.

Chapter 6 – Communication Creating a new language – Inherited behaviour – Voice tone – Rewards – Unrewarding experiences – Timing – Motivation and consistency – Guilt or not? – Ignore – A powerful dominant statement – Hand signals – The sit – The down – The stand – The stay – The recall

Chapter 7 – The 21 day training plan Commands used – Training programme – Exercise summary – Heel – Sit – Stand – Down – Stay – Come – Free – Advice before you start.

Chapter 8 – Heelwork Commands, a new language – Heel training for puppies – Heelwork and turns – Heel walking forward – The left turn – The left about turn – The right turn – The right about turn – Heelwork with dogs – Pay attention – House training plan – Garden training plan – Street heelwork – Car training – Letting the dog out at the park – Walking with a pram – Using face collars – Body harnesses – The high check collar.

Chapter 9 – The stay positions The sit, stand, down and stay positions – The sit position – The sit using food – The sit using toys – The ignore and sit – The sit using a hook – The sit forwards and backwards – The sit lead and collar style – Sit and stay using hand signals – Stay and circle on the lead – Sit and stay time and distance training – The stand position – The stand using turn and food – The stand using collar and lead – The stand using toys – The stand and touch tickle – The stand using a hook – Stand and Stay – Stand position – Problem solving – The down position – The down using food – The down using a toy – The down using a collar and lead – The down using a hook – The down using a push – Location dog training – Sit/Stand/Down/Stay training, week two – Entering the real world – Training in action, the walk to the park – At the park finding your training area – The sit and stand stay signal and time – Common sit and stay problems – Stay positions – Time and distance training – How long to maintain stay positions – Training tips – The stays week three – Common problems in the park or street – Fun and games – Going home.

Chapter 10 – The recall Why the problem can occur – The disinterested owner – Training has been delayed – The dog’s natural drives – Puppy recall – Recall using toys – Problem solving – Lead and collar recall – Recall combining sound and food – Long line recall – Garden recall – Long line training in the park – When to get rid of the line – Problem solving – Using flexi leads – Whistle recall – Hide and seek recall – Spray collar recall.

Chapter 11 – Keeping it going Combining training with a walk – Should I join a training club?

Chapter 12 – Troubleshooting A helping hand – What if I own two dogs?

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